Hi, I’m Dave The Scholarship Coach

Are you worried about how to pay for college? Do you want your kids to graduate without taking on crushing student loan debt? As a parent, I had those same fears for my own child. Then I developed a plan…

In the fall of his junior year of high school, my student won his first scholarship. By the end of that school year he had won two more. By the time he graduated high school he had won a total of 18 private scholarships, with a value of over $50,000!

Today, my child is a junior in college and has won over $95,000 in college scholarships! We have not paid a dime for tuition, room, board, books, or any college-related expenses. In fact, some of the scholarships paid my student directly, giving him pocket money to enjoy.

So many of our friends asked for help finding scholarships, help choosing which scholarships to apply for, help with applications and essays – that I started NoDebtCollege.com.

I would love to help you on your journey to a debt-free college education.

Dave the Scholarship Coach has been a great asset to us. My high school senior knew that she needed to apply for scholarships but didn’t have much time to research them. We realized that we were a little late to the game, but right out of the gate Dave sent over several scholarships that matched perfectly. Dave was extremely helpful with editing my daughter’s essays and was always available - even very last-minute. With his help she’s already been awarded a $3,000 scholarship, in just a little over 2 months of working with Dave! We would have never come across these available scholarships without his help.

-Jennifer B.

"My daughter is a high school junior, and we are learning the ropes on how to help her graduate from college debt-free. We are very blessed to have Dave as our coach!!" - Leslie H.