Scholarships aren’t just for high school seniors or college students. Starting a student’s scholarship adventure during their freshman or sophomore year of high school is a fantastic way to give them an advantage over their peers. Learning how to apply for scholarships through practice, and making scholarships part of a student’s routine before their senior year increases a student’s scholarship success exponentially.

Perhaps even more importantly, students that put together a resume of classes and activities that match to my Five Pillars of a Winning Scholarship Application methodology set themselves up for even more scholarship success. Plus, that same methodology maps to exactly what colleges are looking for in applicants, as well.

Month 1: We start with a one-one-one video conference with your personal Scholarship Coach to begin building your student’s Personal Narrative, your foundational key to winning scholarships. During the meeting, your personal Scholarship Coach will learn about your student’s academic history, extracurricular activities, interests and more. Then, using my proven Five Pillars methodology your Scholarship Coach will provide suggestions for how to build your student’s resume over the coming years. Suggestions may include course selection, extracurriculars, volunteer activities, and more.

Every Quarter from Sign-Up through June 2025: Every quarter your personal Scholarship Coach will provide you a curated list of scholarships based on your personal profile. Your Scholarship Coach will also include notes with advice, tips and tricks on how to win each of these scholarships. Plus, your personal Scholarship Coach will work with you one-on-one to perfect your applications and essays for up to 3 scholarships per quarter (these can be any 3 scholarships of your choice, not just scholarships from your curated list). Your Scholarship Coach will review your applications and essays, providing advice and feedback for how to improve your scholarship entry.


-List of quick and easy scholarships that you can apply for every month.

-Complimentary Premium Subscription to “Your Daily Scholarship” Substack. A different scholarship opportunity every day, with my professional tips and suggestions for how to win each scholarship.

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